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This Privacy Policy states complete details how British Airport Transfers ( ) makes use of your personal information and protects it from being misused online. You can trust that any part of information that is provided to our website is secure on the website server the moment you are using it.

British Airport Transfers is always dedicated and committed that your privacy is well secured with us. If we are requesting you to provide us with your personal information, then you can always trust that the information provided is secured and safe and shall only be used keeping this privacy policy in mind.

British Airport Transfers can alter any part or complete privacy policy depending on the needs and requirements and local governing rules, from time to time by updating the information provided on this web page. It is advisable for customers to check with this page on our website on regular basis so you can ensure that you face no difficulties when travelling or making use of our excellent services. If you are having any suggestions for us then you can notify us via e-mail or Through Contact us page.

What information we collect:

The moment you get registered with our website, we may request you provide us with following set of information:

•  Name

•  Contact details (including Telephone number, cell phone number, email IDs)

•  Demographic information (such as areas of interests, preferences and postcodes)

•  Other relevant information for effective customer surveys or offers

How we make use of information provided:

Our team of experts makes use of the information provided by you to understand and fulfill all your personal requirements so we can always offer you with reliable and excellent service, and also for the following reasons:

•  Managing our internal database of customers for potential customers

•  We may also make use of the information provided to ensure that we improve our services and provide you with best next time you are using our services

•  We may also provide you with latest discount and promotional offers on regular basis via email and telephone or cell phones (SMS messages) informing you about our latest promos and products, discount offers are any other set of information that is relevant. We exercise this on regular basis to ensure that this might interest you a lot for being our potential customer.

•  We also make use of the contact details on regular basis for conducting market research. Our team of experts might contact you via email, telephone number of cell phone numbers provided.

•  We also make use of the information provided to improve our online services and to update our website according to our personal interest, so you can customize most features according to your personal desires.


We ensure you that any part of every part of the information that is provided to us is always safe and secure. To prevent any illegal or unauthorized access we have ascertained that all your information has been placed in a safe place and that we make use of all possible safeguards to ensure that it is protected physically and electronically. We make use of best encryption to protect your data online.

How our team of experts make use of Cookies :

In the online world, most systems depend on cookies. These are special types of internet files that requests user's permission so they can be installed on the hard drive. The moment you agree to the condition then a small file is added and cookies support and help in analyzing web traffic, or even provides with relevant set of information like your time of visit to any website. Apart from this cookies are also important for a number of web applications so your IP address is identified by the system server. This is important if you are looking forward to customize the application according to the system you are making use of. Cookies store all information that is provided by you on the system.

Our team of professionals always make use of cookies files to see the web page you are visiting very frequently, every time you log on to our website. We make use of this information to study the data of visitors who regularly visit and make use of our services. Once the process of analyzing is completed the data is no longer available on our system for re-use.

In general, we make use of cookies features to ensure that we always provide you with best services online, by helping use understand the web pages that you find more interesting and relevant. We in no way make use of cookies feature to access your system or data without your consent. We only try and use the information that customers share with us.

Customers have the flexibility to either decline or accept the usage of cookies. There are a number of modern browsers that enable cookies automatically but users can try and make necessary changes to it as per their requirements.

Website Links :

Our main web portal offers with links that prove helpful for our customers to visit other genuine travel related websites. After logging out of our website, we certainly claim no responsibility from these websites. We should here by not be held responsible for the security of your personal data that you share with these websites. The privacy statements of these websites are not controlled and regulated by British Airport Transfers . It is advisable for customers to take all possible precautions when sharing information with these websites.

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Privacy Policy

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Our policy complies with UK law accordingly implemented, including that required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) hosts data in the U.S. and complies with GDPR regulations effective 25th May 2018. In accordance with the new EU data protection law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you are entitled to either retrieve your personal data, restrict data usage or delete it completely. If you wish to take any action in the matter, please contact us at: