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Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. We don't charge additional money in case your flight is delayed. You can try and make your request for extending the time limit if you need more time for immigration and custom clearance procedure. We also offer with free waiting time after your request has been made on our official website or over the telephone. Free waiting time depends on the terms and conditions of the company and after this time you shall be charged with minimum waiting and parking charges. Our team of experts shall adjust the time accordingly depending on the delay of the flight. In general, most of our potential customers only have to pay the fixed charges for our services.
  2. It is also requested that customers are expected not to deviate fixed price rides from the normal drivers driving routes. If in case any deviation is made then customers shall be charged on the basis of general fares decided by British Airport Transfers . In general, additional deviation shall be charged on the basis of overall or additional mileage covered or any other delay that is caused by the customer, or any other traffic related conditions.
  3. You are also expected to follow strict guidelines for luggage. In general, you are allowed to carry single medium sized carry luggage and single hand bag having dimensions 56cmx45cmx25cm per customer. If the PHV might not be able to accommodate the luggage then it is solely the responsibility of the customer.
  4. The customer is solely responsible for any damages caused to the vehicle that has been registered through our company.
  5. The chauffer certainly has complete rights to refuse any customer that poses a threat to the driver or the PHV hired by our company.
  6. Each of the materials that are a part of this website offers customers with basic information only. It certainly does not constitute agreement of any travel bookings that has been made with our company. We do not hold any responsibility for damage or loss which might be as a result of the information provided by this website from any of the bookings made via our website.
  7. In case there is any change in your schedule or travel related plans then it is solely your responsibility to inform the British Airport Transfers company staff and driver well in advance. Customers are also expected to inform the company in case they missed their flights or changed their travel plan related to their new flight/cruise/ferry connections (inform our staff about the new travel plans and new dates of travel). If you fail to do so then you shall also be charged for the old bookings with us.
  8. When travelling always ensure that you are having the contact details of our office with you. Apart from this you are also expected to carry printable copies of your bookings with you when traveling.
  9. When making your bookings with us over the phone from airport or train stations then customers are expected to locate the PHV driver and vehicle. A fixed pick up point shall also be provided by our expert staff and customers are expected to wait for the PHV at the desired location of pick up. Any failure in locating the PHV shall be subjected to charge and customers shall be charged via their Debit or credit cards. The final chargeable amount shall only be decided by the company depending on the parking and waiting charges.
  10. If any fouling is noticed done by the customer to the PHV then the customer is expected to pay minimum charge as decided by the company.
  11. We can not be held responsible for any damage or loss professional, financial, missed flight times, trains or due reason caused by the delayed arrival of PHV at the point of pickup due to climatic or harsh weather conditions, traffic jams or accidents. This is also valid if the company has not been provided by proper pick up address by the customer at the time of booking with the company. If you are making any bookings online using the online registration form then this condition is applicable, and customers need to obtain the confirmation of any change via email or telephone well ahead in time.
  12. We offer with special discounts on special days and more can be read of the discounts on the main website page.

Terms and Conditions

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